Thursday, June 11, 2009

Univeristy of Chicago - Booth School of Business Admission Offer

I received a phone call today from the office of admissions from University of Chicago - Booth School of Business with an acceptance offer. Hooray! I am so happy. My efforts have paid off.

I used quite a few books to prepare for my essays and my interviews. The most recent book that I read and liked is the book, How To Get Into The Top MBA Programs by Richard Montauk. I also read the book, How To Get Into the Top Law Schools by Richard Montauk. I have heard of JD/MBA and would like to know more about it. I have heard some people say that a Law degree is a great degree to have in the current business community.

This was just a quick update. In my next blog, we will continue with basics of GMAT. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. Congratess dude. I just reach to your blog first time and read your this blog entry.

  2. Thanks Tapesh. Are you also planning to do an MBA?

  3. Hi Shashi,

    Hearty congratulations..Excellent work done.. Appreciate your hard work and determination. Lots to learn from your experience. I had in my mind to give GMAT probably two years back but it has gone underground in past two years. You have made me think again and am getting interest to give GMAT and enter MBA field. I will definately look forward for your guidance in coming days.
    I went through your complete blog today morning and each and every bit of it is informative...Thanks a lot...
    Congrats again...

    Questions: I would like to know how did you nail down on the university? And why did you choose the two you have mentioned?

    ~ Harsha

  4. Thanks Harsha. I am 4-5 years behind, so do not worry about the 2 years. I would say just start preparing for your GMAT and take your GMAT as soon as possible. Also, start reading books on getting into top MBA schools like the ones I have listed. There are many good books out there. These books will motivate you. Start early. I was late in applying to B-Schools. I was also considering Harvard, MIT-Sloan and UPenn-Wharton. My list consisted of Chicago-Booth, Michigan-Ross, Harvard, MIT-sloan and UPenn-Wharton. Chicago-Booth is ranked number 1 by Business Week for four years in a row and has a great program in Finance. Michigan Ross was number 1 by Wall Street Journal in 2006 and has a great General Management program. I live in Michigan and I visited both the schools. I completed the application process for these two schools for 2009. I could not complete the application process for 2009 for other schools. I am happy with my choice and I am very excited.
    I plan to add a lot of helpful tips on this blog, especially for GMAT. I am convinced that with proper preparation you can beat the GMAT.

  5. Hey Sashi,

    Very nice of you to chronicle your experiences.

    All the best with your B-School admissions. Keep us posted! I'd like to keep in touch with you to understand how best to short list among the 'shortlisted ones'.


  6. Thanks for your comments, Baidik. I have joined University of Chicago - Booth School Business. I will be happy to help.

    Best Regards,

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