Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GMAT General Tips

I thought I might cover the GMAT general tips at the end of GMAT verbal tips and GMAT quant tips. But I have decided to go over it sooner as I feel these general tips are very valuable. They could make the a difference of 30 to 40 points easily.

1. Relax: We don't realize how stressed we are and I cannot stress enough how important it is to control our stress. As you all know my first GMAT attempt was a dismal 640. I decided to prepare again for my second attempt. On the day before the exam I take a test from the GMAT Prep software and scored 660. I could not believe it. After all this preparation and scoring in mid 700s on the 800score.com, I had scored 660 on the GMAT Prep. I took a deep breath and a break for an hour. I knew that I was very stressed. I relaxed myself and took the test again and scored 700. I realized that I just need to relax and thats exactly what I did the next day. I scored a 730 on the actual GMAT.

2. Use time wisely: Many of you would wonder what is so unique about this tip. The GMAT tests you on a variety of topics in verbal and quants. You may be very strong in some areas and weak in some areas. For e.g. you are strong in work distribution, distance, speed and time kind of problems and weak in probablity. There may be 800 level problems in each area. If you get a probability problem that seems like a 800 level problem, which means it is very tough, you may want to make sure you are not spending like 4 - 5minutes on it. After 2 minutes, just pick an answer using POE and move on. You may then get a slightly easier problem which you will get right and then you may back at 800 level again, only this time it is in an area that is your strenght. Use this technique in the GMAT Prep tests and see if it works for you.

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